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Setting for modifying GRIDlink DNS when a Static IP Address is used

When a GRIDlink is given a Static IP address, the SXclient code automatically defaults the DNS IPs to  and (Google). Some networks do not support Google as a DNS and have their own Domain Name Servers to resolve URLs. A file named resolv.conf.mydns must be revised to reflect the new DNS IP addresses. When a user manually changes this file, the new DNS settings will be written over on the next reboot.

Older GRIDview kernel versions may not support changing the DNS servers so a special patch can be loaded called which overwrites the original version. Tech support will provide the new file if necessary. See instructions below.


Open a text file and enter the desired DNS Server IP addresses as shown or download this example resolv.conf.mydns

You may have more than 2 which allows you to test on 1 network that accepts or before moving the GRIDlink to the new network.

Save locally as resolv.conf.mydns without the .txt suffix

File Operations
In Toolkit

Select Operations/File Operations

  1. Go to the /etc folder
  2. Confirm that the file resolv.conf exists so you know you are in the right location.
  3. Click Load and load the file resolv.conf.mydns from where you saved it.

Note if  resolv.conf.mydns exists then you can edit it by clicking the “Edit Text File” button.


Confirm that the file resolv.conf.mydns exists and the new  changes are reflected.

If Tech Support has sent you the patch then go to the next step otherwise the unit may require a reboot, but it is now ready for the new static IP address and should operate on the new network.



Open the user.d folder found in the same directory as resolv.conf.

Find the existing file and delete it by clicking the “Delete” button.

Click the “Load File” button and load the patch sent to you by Tech Support.

The unit may require a reboot, but it is now ready for the new static IP address and should operate in the new network.