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HMI Meter Configuration

by | Nov 15, 2017 | HMI Power Meter-Group

The GRIDview HMI is also a powerful data consentrator which can poll Modbus or DNP3 meters and totalize kW and send it to GRIDlink.


1. Select the desired device to be configured

2. Configure the Meter. Word ordering is how the data is formatted as it comes into the HMI.

NOTE: If data appears on the HMI or on GV to be incorrect, start by troubleshooting this Configuration first.


3. Select the Tag to be changed

4. Pick the register that corresponds to the tag name.
ex. Meter1.Meter1_Frequency = Register that holds Frequency

5. If the Word ordering is still incorrect, try to change the Manipulation field. Make sure that all other fields are correct under Data Source.



6. Once the configurations have been made for all meters and all tags, download the configuration to the HMI by clicking on the Update Icon.


Refer to the HMI Communication Setup Page for further detail on how to set up the Communication settings


Once the file has been uploaded to the HMI, connect the HMI to the system in place and go to the Page that contains the Frequency.

7. Select the Meters that you have connected

8. Choose which meter will pass the frequency. The chosen frequency will be passed to the GRIDlink.