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In order to support BACnet to Building Automation Systems the GRIDlink HMI provides the interface. Open ADR Signals are sent to the HMI and the registers are mapped and made available to the user.

In addition the HMI displays the values in order to see that data is transferred properly and offers the user real time status of any Events called.

Bacnet Registers (Click to enlarge)

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The Bacnet registers are used to create communication from a device to the GRIDlink via the Bacnet protocol using the HMI.

Communication Setup

We reccomend connecting using Ethernet with a static IP Address assigned to the HMI.

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Using BACnet UDP/IP, Connect your BACnet device within the same network as the HMI.

To setup the HMI with a static IP Address, navigate to the Configuration page.

Push the “Configure IP Address” button

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Configure the IP information by pushing the Data for each item.

When completed push Continue.

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Once you have finished entering the IP data, and you have pushed Continue, you will be asked to wait 30 seconds, then manually restart the HMI. This will solidify the IP configuration settings.