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These functions may be controlled and triggered by setting the “Remote Commands” register, (remote_command – LO:20), to one of the available commands below.

When the command has been handled, the register is reset.
This feature may be disabled by setting commands_enabled to 0 in the (dras_client.ini) file

== Available Commands ==

801 – send oadrPoll
811 – send oadrRequestEvent
812 – clear current events
831 – send oadrRegisterReport
832 – clear report subscriptions
841 – send oadrQueryPartyRegistration
842 – send oadrCreatePartyRegistration  (Re-establishes registration – values stored in state.ini)
843 – send oadrCancelPartyRegistration  (Clears registration – state.ini is blank)
844 – clear local registration state

Any other value is ignored.


In order to enable Remote Commands, the “commands_enabled” configuration must be set to “1” in the (dras_client.ini) file.




Remote Commands