Check Internet Connection

by | Apr 9, 2017 | Networking-Group, Trouble Shooting Networks-Group

To check that there is an Internet connection, your laptop should have the same IP address setup as the the GRIDLink (DHCP or static). If static use the same static IP.

For instructions for setting the network interface card of your laptop see this link …

Once completed, remove the Ethernet CAT5e cable from the GRIDlink and plug into the Ethernet port on your laptop.

Simply open a browser and see if it opens and you can navigate around. This could appear to work if the pages are cached but there still might not be a connection.

The most reliable way is as follows:

In Windows, click the Start button and type cmd in the search box.


Double click on the cmd program and open the Command Prompt.

Type in ping and you should get this result which indicates a good connection.

If the ping fails and you are using a Local Area Network, contact the IT Manager. With the MAC address (the IT Manager) can troubleshoot the network.

If using a cell modem check to make sure the cell account is in effect otherwise it is not the Internet connection causing the problem