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Downloading DisableAdvancedErrorCorrection

by | Feb 13, 2019 | IPm Advanced Configuration-Group, Software Load Toolkit - Group

GRIDlink does not support the latest firmware version of 4.9.152 and must be downgraded to 4.9.143 before installation.

Set Up
Before you can change firmware from 4.9.152 to 4.9.143, you must first download a package to disable the error correction
  1. To install the DisableAdvancedErrorCorrection.tgz file, highlight the desired RTU in the Sixnet I/O Tool Kit
    project file and go to Operations/File Operations
  2. Select the Install Tar file and click Load File.



‘DisableAdvancedErrorCorrection.tgz’ is found with the 4.9.152 installation which is extracted to C:\ProgramData\Sixnet Tools\IPm_Firmware by default.

Select the ‘DisableAdvancedErrorCorrection.tgz’ file and click Open 




  • Once the package is successfully installed, a “Reply from script exec: Successfully removed ECC_- TYPE=BCH” message will appear in the Report Views window.
  • Cycle power to have the changes to take effect. The package will install and change the RTU’s settings
  • Supported firmware versions below 4.9.143 and 4.3.174 may now be installed on the RTU.

Note – When Reflashing the firmware for a 6350, use port B for the serial comms, and the single ethernet port.