Downloading GRIDview 113-135 Series

by | Apr 17, 2018 | Configuration Advanced IPm-Group

This procedure is for units in the field either needing recovery or migration to a new GRIDview server.

If the device is Offline with GRIDview, the sxclient must be installed locally using the Toolkit configurator.

Preliminary Set Up

1 – If you do not have Toolkit installed on your PC then go to Toolkit – Installing Latest Version.

2 – You will need a serial cable Assembly if you are not able to connect via Ethernet.

3 – Use the latest Toolkit project. It is not necessary to download the toolkit in this process.

4 – You should also receieve 2 .tgz files:

a. openssl-ppc-1.x.xx.tgz


Place both into an easy to access folder.

5 – Click on the .6pj  file to open it.

DL kern
Download SSL and GRIDview Kernel

7 – Highlight the device.

8 – Select the Configuration Tool.

9 – Select User Software

10 – Delete any files which currently exist then Select Add a File

11 – Select Install a Tar File


DL kern2

12 – In the drop-down change the Files Type to “Zipped Tar Files (*.tgz)

The “openssl-ppc-1.x.xx.tgz”  will appear, Select Open.

It is important that the SSL file be loaded before and separately from “”

DL kern2

13 – Select Operations

14 – Load

15 – Load Software

16 – The selected software will load – observe

17 – A successful competion will be indicated by “Load Complete”   If the package fails to load, reboot the GRIDlink and repeat starting at step 13

Repeate the process from steps 7 through 17 to load “” .

Remember to delete “openssl-ppc-1.x.xx.tgz” in Step 10 before loading “sxclient-gridview-2.x.x-powerpc.tgz”