You will be sent a zip file via email. It should be entitled sxclient-gridview-_._._-powerpc if used with the VT-IPM2M-113 ADR. Also you will receive a Toolkit project ending in *.6pj You should not make any changes to the Toolkit Configuration with the exception of configuring a static IP Address

Save both files to your PC in a place you can access later.

To upload a new GRIDview SXClient you must have the following:

  1. Toolkit installed on your computer. See Installing Toolkit
  2. If the GRIDlink is working on your network as a DHCP client and has an IP Address then you can connect via Ethernet. See Ethernet Connection
  3. The alternative method is to connect using a serial cable. See Serial Connection
  4. The current Toolkit project for this GRIDlink. If you do not have the current project, contact tech support and request it.

Open Sixnet Toolkit Main Menu 














Highlight the GRIDlinkADR

Main Menu – Configure/Configure Station/Module

 Select User Software Tab on pop up



















If a file exists in the Local Path Source, Highlight it and then press Delete Selected File button.

Confirm Remove File YES

Press Add a File          

Select Install a Tar file radio button







Find the directory where you saved the sxclient file










Select Files of type:  “Zipped Tar Files (*.tgz)

Select: Open/OK/OK/

Back to Main Menu














Operations/Load/Load Software












Wait while loading

See success confirmation at bottom of screen “Load Complete”























In about 2-3 minutes if the network settings are correct, this will be “On Line” with GRIDview.