Network Connection Indication

by | Aug 21, 2017 | Trouble Shooting Networks-Group

When the GRIDlink is powered and connected to the network all Ethernet Com LEDs should have the following states:


PWR – (Power) ON Solid

If the IPm is configured for DHCP and the network DHCP server does not assign an IP address, the DC Power light will blink. Contact the network administrator.

100 –  (Network Speed) ON Solid

ACT- (Activity) Blinking




If the Speed and Activity LEDs remain OFF this indicates a Physical Layer failure in the network and can be caused by:

  1. A bad port in the Ethernet switch which connects the GRIDlink.
  2. A bad CAT5E cable.
  3. A bad RJ45 connector.

This is not uncommon with office grade CAT5E cables. The RJ45 connectors are sometimes undersized by a tiny amount and don’t fit properly. They are probably within their manufacturing tolerances but on the low side. Usually by wiggling the connector and the lights will come on intermittently.

The GRIDlink is designed to accept a metal shielded (industrial) RJ45 connector like this one: