Advantages of a Router

by | Jan 27, 2021 | FAQ General-Group

What are the advantages of a router in the GRIDlink E, CE and Edge Series?

GRIDlink CE & E Series


Onboard Firewall provides added an added layer of security from threats outside the local network but also within the network. Set up stricter login credentials so only authenticated users can access GRIDlink.

Set up a sub-network

This way the entire sub-network needs only 1 IP address assigned to operate on the local network. No need to get IP addresses from the IT manager when adding devices. Devices on the sub-network can be assigned static IP addresses or receive an IP address from the DHCP server in the GRIDlink router.

Network failover

With the cellular version, the router can be configured to use the local network to access the Internet. Upon detecting the loss of this connection, it will failover to the cell connection. This not only provides system reliability but also significantly reduces data plan costs.