GRIDlinks by design survive Internet connection losses when in an Event. A “Ride Through” logic is embedded as an important safety and reliability element.


If the Event notification is received prior to the loss of connection, the Open ADR software will capture the details and save in a persistence file. It only needs 1 successful parse.

The Event Pending Notice will be reflected by the DO1 LED (ON)

An active Moderate Event will be reflected by the DO2 LED (ON)

An active High Event will be reflected by the DO3 LED (ON)

The Internet connection will be reflected by the DO3 LED (ON)

From this file the GRIDlink no longer needs a connection to the VTN to continue to execute the Event. The only indication of an Internet loss of connection is the DO4 LED will be OFF but will be ON if the connection is restored. It is not uncommon for DO4 to intermittently change state. 

The Event will end on schedule.

“Ride Through” prevents the relays from cycling devices unnecessarily and damaging machinery.

A power cycle can cause the Relays to drop out regardless of the Internet connection and when power returns the Relays will energize if there is an Event in progress. This could adversely affect customer operations and if power is not reliable, an Uninterruptible Power Supply should be used.