Is there any pairing relationship between the module and the base?

by | Feb 26, 2017 | FAQ General-Group

There is generally no issue swapping modules and bases but here are some important things to know:


  1. The serial number is hard coded into a processor on the base. That makes it easy in that GRIDview will pick up the replacement module without any reconfiguration.
  2. The MAC address is hard coded in the module which can be a problem if the IT people at the customer site has a filter specific to the old MAC address or there was IP Address pairing to the old MAC address.
  3. If the new module was configured with a static IP then that will follow the module so you have to make sure that is set properly before it will work on the customer’s network.
  4. If the new module was configured for DHCP then you could have an issue where the GRIDlink uses it last IP address from its former network until its lease runs out. See this procedure ..
  5. The module is difficult to remove and takes strong hands. It seems easy to replace but it must be done correctly. See this procedure ..