Modbus ASCII I/O Transfer

by | Mar 18, 2021 | Configuration Advanced IPm-Group, Modbus Communications-Group

Procedure for a sample Modbus ASCII to another 113 Series or othe Modbus device

Slave Communications Setup

Slave – Serial Port Configuration

  1. Port protocol: Modbus ASCII Slave
  2. Set remaining per example
  3. Set Master parameters exactly the same
  4. No additional set up of Slave unit required

Master Communications Setup

Master – Serial Port Configuration

  1. Port protocol: Modbus ASCII Master
  2. Set up per example (same as Slave)
  3. Set up I/O transfers.

Master I/O Transfers

Modbus Action

Action Definition

  1. Name the Action
  2. Read or Write
  3. Select pre-configured Serial port
  4. Enter destination device unique station number
  5. Scan interval in seconds
Modbus registers


  1. Select the local I/O type
  2. Number of registers to write
  3. Input or Output
  4. First Modbus register (obtained from manufacturer’s documentation) on destination device to write to.
Modbus Comms Setup

Communications Setup

Confirm settings

The RD/TD leds demonstrate the successful Modbus poll between 2 devices