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Manual Relay Test
Series 782 relays included with GRIDlink suppied enclosures have a Manual Test Button. This is typically used when the electrician connects to a load and wants to check circuit continuity.

When pressed an orange flag indicates contact closure on NO contacts and contact open on NC contacts.

GRIDview Initiated Test

Transfer All – ON

Transfer All – OFF
From the GRIDlink Home page on GRIDview the relays can be tested.

The Transfer All button enables the DR Signal to energize the Relays when an Event is called. The relays cannot be manually exercised using GRIDview in this mode so are indicated as locked.

Toggling the Transfer All  to Off isolates the relays from the DR Signal and therefore will not change state automatically. This is useful if you wish to test to valid a DR Signal without actually shedding loads.

With the Transfer All button OFF the Relay buttons are no longer locked. The relays can now be manually turned On or OFF.

Test VTN Initiated Test

All GRIDlinks are shipped with a Test Server configured. It is this connection that enabled the installer to know the installation is complete when DO4 illuminates.

Call Tech support to arrange a test signal.