Station Status Module

by | Dec 27, 2014 | Tech Notes-Group

Station Status Modules are a Toolkit function.

Status Modules and Flags “Station Status” modules can be added to GRIDlink IPm controller’s configuration in Toolkit. These virtual modules contain discrete inputs that reflect the communication health of remote I/O or Modbus devices in your system. Once I/O Transfer communication to a distributed station or module is successful, it’s corresponding Station Status discrete register will be set TRUE (1) and will remain that way. If subsequent I/O Transfer communication to the remote I/O or Modbus device fails, the corresponding Station status register will be set FALSE (0). By monitoring these registers, you can take appropriate action if a remote I/O or Modbus device goes offline. Note: remote I/O or Modbus devices will be reported in their last known state if communication is halted with a Scan Enable flag.