WiFi Universal Client Setup

by | Nov 6, 2017 | WiFi Networks-Group

The Client set up for plug & play installation


NOTE: After making a change on a tab, click “Change” before moving onto the next tab. When all configuration is done, click “Apply” to apply all changes.

  1. Make all connections (i.e. POE, Lan to Computer) and set the IP address of your computer to a static IP of subnet 192.168.1.X.
  2. Login to from your browser (User: ubnt; Password: ubnt)
  1. Set the Wireless Mode to Station
  2. If you have configured an AP, set the SSID to the corresponding AP and lock to AP. Otherwise choose a network to connect to
  3. Choose the Security and Authentication and type in the password that corresponds to the chosen SSID
  1. Set the Network Mode to Bridge
  2. Set the desired fallback IP If DHCP. Set the Static IP if the Station will be Static
  1. Change the Device Name
  2. Change the Admin User Name