Special Event Signals

by | Jan 8, 2017 | FAQ 113-135 Series-Group, Open ADR 2.0b-Group

Signal Category

GRIDlink ADR has 4 Digital Outputs which have been traditionally mapped to SIMPLE Events:

  • DO3 – HIGH
  • DO4 – VTN read
  • DO5*
  • DO6*
  • DO7*
  • DO8*

* Additional Digital Outputs available on VT-MIPM-135-ADR only.

GRIDlink does support Specific Deployments and it is possible to create a custom control logic for the on-board DOs or remote I/O.

Furthermore specific deployments are free to define their own custom signals beyond what are defined in the table shown, but there are no requirements for compliance purposes that any VTN’s or VEN’s support such signals.

How these signals will be used will most likely vary from one Utility to the next. The GRIDlink can be configured to respond to the VTN’s program through an ISaGRAF Control Program. This can be tailored to specific needs and downloaded via GRIDview after the GRIDlink is in the field if needed.

Signal Types (blue column)

  • 201 – Delta
  • 202 – Level
  • 203 – Multiplier
  • 204 – Price
  • 205 – Price Multiplier
  • 206 – Price Relative
  • 207 – Product
  • 208 – Setpoint
  • 209 – x-LoadControlCapacity
  • 210 – x-LoadControlOffset
  • 211 – x-LoadControlSetpoint
  • 212 – x-LoadControlPercentOffset

Signal Value (green column)

  • Integer
  • Floating point number
  • % Percent

DR is no longer just On-Off control in 2.0b. Signal Categories together with Signal Types and Signal Values can provide a wide variety of control strategies which all can be programmed into the GRIDlink to give variable outputs as well. The strategy can then be executed using the relays, a variable 4-20mA signal (optional on 213), via Modbus or BACnet.