Change Default DHCP to Static IP

by | Feb 27, 2023 | GRIDlink E CE Configuration, GRIDlink E2 Configuration

Change port etho WAN from default DHCP to Static IP.
Web browser configuration can be achieved through an Ethernet connection.

Ethernet Connection

GRIDlink E Series connection

sGRIDlink E2 Series has 5 Ethernet ports.

WAN eth0 – Connected to LAN as a DHCP Client

LAN 1-4 eth1 – Use any of these port for configuration. PC should be left as a DHCP Client. GRIDlink DHCP Server will provide an appropriate IP Address. 


GRIDlink E2 Series login

Open a web browser


User Name & Password

Upon shipment, a unique user name and password will be provided.


GRIDlink E2 change DHCP to Static IP

Network > Interfaces > etho WAN

Enter:  Static IP & Gateway Addresses