As shown to the left, relay 3 changes state to ON prior to the start of the High Signal and returns to OFF for a period of time after the High Signal ends.

  1. Go to the Home page in GRIDview
  2. Click the data button on Relay 3
  3. Click any of the (blue) time stamps for a Trend screen.
  4. You should see the RELAY3 state during the Event.
  5. To see relay 3 in relationship to the Signal, add the event_high register from the dropdown at the bottom and click the + button. (see Note 1)
  6. You can go back in time by changing the recorded time period to 1 week from the drop down.

Note 1 – Any logged record cange be overlayed in a Trend screen up to a maximum of 4.


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From the Home page in GRIDview, click the Configuration button at the bottom.

The most likely cause is there is an applied value for Pre Empt Event and / or Extend Events.



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If the current values are zero, check to see if the values were recently changed by adding these 2 variables to the current trend screen.

Pre Empt Event Minutes: preEmpt_m

Extend Event Minutes: Extend_Event

An eximination will show this to be the cause.