Modbus Registers 2.0b – 113/135 Series

by | Feb 25, 2017 | Modbus Communications-Group

All OpenADR registers are available to Read via Modbus TCP (Ethernet) or RTU (serial) for use in a Building Management System or any Control Device capable of initiating a Modbus signal. The control can be as simple as reading Digital outputs or more comprehensive as Analog values such as start and end times.

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Modbus TCP

GRIDlink will respond to READ requests from a Modbus Master over Ethernet. Note that GRIDlink is shipped for DHCP. The IP Address when leased can be found on GRIDview.

It is important that the Modbus Master know the IP Address and it should not change. We recommend the network DHCP server be set up with a MAC Address to IP resolution to maintain a consistent address.

The GRIDlink can be given a static IP Address – see instructions

Modbus RTU

GRIDlink will also respond to READ requests from a Modbus Master over RS485 9600 8N1. The default station number is 5. If it is necessary to change—contact support.