Modbus RTU Transfer of Analog Out

by | May 19, 2020 | Configuration Advanced IPm-Group, Modbus Communications-Group

Analog Output 1 (AO0) is reserved as a numeric representation of a DR Event. To transfer via RS485 (Mobus RTU) the GRIDlink is set up as a Modbus Master.

The I/O transfers are configured as follows:

io Trans 1
  1. In Toolkit Highlight the GRIDlink
  2. Click the configuration tool icon (screw driver)
  3. Select thhe I/O Transfer tab.
  4. Select the Action Definition tab.
  5. Note the Scan enable flag. This must be ON for the transfer to become active. Tag: TRANSFER_MB_1 DOY200
io Trans 2
6. Select the Registers tab.

7. Select the Modbus address on the remote controller where the value will be placed.

After saving the changes, download the revised Toolkit See instructions …