Arden Fair -132649 Offline

by | Sep 13, 2022 | SMUD-Group

From: Christine Riker []
Sent: Monday, September 12, 2022 12:53 PM
To: Doug Sheldon <>
Cc: John Borges <>;
Subject: RE: 8-18-22 AF-SMUD ADR-Power Direct Los Rios _ 0001 2.0b (SMUD — Device #283, S/N 152573) <- The SN is wrong

Proposed Solution

The previous information was in regards to Los Rios 152573 which has tickets in our records. Sorry for the confusion on my part. Arden Fair (SMUD — Device #171, S/N 132649) has no tickets.


From the logs we can see:

Went into service May 2018.

Offline for 108 days starting in 01/07/2019

Offline for 25 days starting in 05/02/2019

Offline for 227 days starting in 12/12/2020

Offline for 405 days starting in 08/04/2021


By looking at its behavior between the long offline periods we would say the cause was consistent with the customer simply turning off the power.

I wouldn’t imply that the latest offline wasn’t checked to see if the unit had power nor assume that the power was not cycled to restart services but that should be the first step.

The unit was set for static IP so there should be no problem for access to the Local network unless IT changed something.

The MAC address is 00:A0:1D:6A:DF:88 so IT can check if it appears on the network router. I would also try to ping the IP address to confirm its existence on the network.

As a general rule, if the GRIDlink is offline with the VTN and GRIDview, the first place to look is the network.