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There are 3 ways GRIDlink can OPT OUT before or during an Event.

OPT OUT Using GRIDview

OPT-OUT is attained by clicking the green Opt Out button in GRIDview. See the image below.

The bit status is retained in the non-volatile RAM of the GRIDlink which makes it hold the condition even after a power re-cycle. It can be only turned OFF by clicking the green Opt Out button again.

GRIDlink Opt Out ADR

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Once an Opt Out signal is received by a 2.0b server, the Event is ended and the participant will not be permitted to Opt back in.

Note 1

The GRIDlink can be configured to automatically turned to OFF OPT OUT at Midnight so to allow participation in the next day’s Event if called. This can be configured in Overview > Device Configure Automatic Opt In at Midnight

This is valid only for Control Versions: 5800.6.800.6.00 and above.

OPT OUT Using Local Mechanical Switch

Switch momentary green OPT OUT switch

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A momentary push button switch can be retrofitted on all 113/135 Series GRIDlinks.

OPT OUT Using Modbus

The Opt Out register is available to Read/Write by Modbus RTU or TCP.

2.0b Modbus Registers