RAc Installation Nano SIM Card

by | Jul 4, 2023 | RAc Cell Router Series-Group

Installation of nano SIM card

When providing your own carrier SIM card this procedure should be completed before field installation. Follow these steps:

Nano SIM Card

SIM card sizes GRIDlink

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SIM cards come in 3 sizes and most carriers provide the Standard SIM with perforations to cut to the smaller sizes.

This cell router will require a Nano SIM.

It is recommended that when cutting down a SIM, use a SIM cutter which can be purchased on line for a low cost.

Locate the SIM Card Slot

RAc back

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Locate the SIM card slot on the back of the cell router. It has a small hole on the left.

Do not mistake the reset button for the SIM card removal hole!

SIM Card Removal Tool

SIM card removal tool

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Insert this tool in the SIM card slot. A paper clip can also be used.

SIM Card Removal

SIM card removal

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With a small amount of pressure, the SIM card tray will eject about 1/4 inch. This will be enough to pull out.

SIM Card Insertion

SIM card insertion

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Carefully place the SIM card into the tray as shown (SIM 1) and reinsert.

Once this is completed, install the antenna and re-power the unit for Operational Confirmation.

Operational Confirmation

RAc test setup

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In order to confirm that cellular communication is functional power the unit using the 18in. (black & white) power cable supplied. It should be connected to a 24VDC power supply or the wall mount 12VDC supplied for testing.

Connect the WAN/LAN1 port to a Local Area Network switch with access to the Internet. This will be for troubleshooting should there be an issue with the cell connection. For the final installation, do not make this connection to the customer LAN.

Notify GRIDlink support this cell router is ready for final configuration and test. Leave operational until you receive a confirmation.

RAc LED indications closeup
IR302 LED indication-