cURL Error 60 – peer certificate cannot be authenticated

by | Oct 19, 2022 | Trouble Shooting Open ADR 2.0b-Group, Uncategorized, VTN GRIDview disconnect-Group

PROBLEM: A new VTN won’t connect or disconnects after a OpenADR package upgrade.

This will require Admin privileges in GRIDview to resolve.

GRIDview View / Status: Open the status page and locate the oadr_client.log section.


Status log Message:

Error 60 Curl (Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates)

Solution – Step 2:

Requires a root CA in the key store, supplied by VTN host and is concatenated in our VTN-CA-Certificates.crt file located /etc/ssl/certs/

or _VTN Root CA in the customer certs

(can be loaded via GV. Concatenate the current working one.)

Solution – Step 1

In GRIDview Device / File

Change the status of  the following files to PENDING