Synchronize System Clock E Series

by | Mar 23, 2023 | Trouble Shooting E-CE Series, Trouble Shooting E2-Group

The Red Lion RAM system clock will synchonize with the NTP pool hourly.If power is OFF for a long duration, the clock at boot-up may not have a chance to sync with the NTP server thereby causing tags not to update to GRIDview and participate at the wrong time in AutoDR Events.

This is how to quickly correct the time error.



Data Age (sec) Error message is displayed
epochTIME is 0 or not incrementing in tags

OADR Event

Starts and ends at the wrong times


GRIDlink RAM configuration Test IO

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Sync Time to Browser

 Admin > System Time

Set Sync to NTP Server: No

Current Browser Time and Current Device Time do not agree.

Click [ Use Browser Time ]


Set Red Lion RAM System time using browser time

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New Device Time

Time can be a few seconds off, it will be automatically corrected when syncing to the NTP pool server.

Sync time in Red Lion RAM to pool.npt

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Set Pool NTP Time

Sync to NPT Server: Yes

NTP Server Name/IP:  ie

Enter any NTP URL or IP Address


E2 Series RAM reboot

Soft Reboot

Do not cycle power to achieve the reboot.

Admin > Factory Defaults/Reboot

Reboot System

[ Reboot ]

Do not click [ Restore ] as the GRIDlink E Series will have to be returned to the factory for reloading of OADR software.