Modbus RTU Connection to GRIDlink

by | Feb 11, 2023 | Crimson Software-Group

This procedure establishes the communications method the HMI will retrieve data from the GRIDlink. Serial RS485, RS232 or Ethernet TCP IP

Prior to this procedure you should (refer to Crimson – Getting Started):

  • Obtain IP Address of HMI
  • Confirm this IP will be allowed on the current network
  • Set Download settings:  TCP IP / COMM Port
  • PC Link Options set

GRIDlink – Modbus RTU Master (RS485)

Crimson Certified Package

Project Name: vG304/7_mbM_485_Rx.cd3

Configure Modbus Settings

Red Lion Crimson Modbus Master RS485

Communications > RS-485 Comms Port

Driver Selection

Driver: Modbus Universal Master

Driver Settings

Protocol Type: Modbus RTU

Port Settings: Same as GRIDlink

Port Commands

Add Additional Device

Configure GRIDlink

Red Lion Crimson Modbus Master RS485 configure


Right Click > Rename GRIDlink_ADR_RS485

Communications > RS485 Comms Port

Device Settings

Enable Device: Yes

Device Identification

Drop Number: 5

No further configuration is required as GRIDlink  will serve as the source for Data Tags