Create BACnet TCP Data Source

by | Nov 23, 2023 | Crimson Software-Group

Data Source is the originating source of information to be converted into a protocol acceptable by a second device. Example a GRIDlink ADR providing Event data to a BMS starting as Serial Modbus RTU and ending as BACnet TCP to the BMS.

Read Only privileges are set in accordance with the reserved OpenADR registers but Read/Write can be configured for non-reserved registers.

Set Communications for BACnet Slave

Red Lion Crimson BACnet TCP select


Communications > Network > Protocol 1

Select Driver: BACnet UDP/IP Slave

Select: Device ID

Automatically appears

Create Source Device

Red Lion Crimson Modbus Master RS485

Device Settings

Select Enable, Drop Number

Rename: ie GRIDlink

Create Data Tags to be Converted

Red Lion Crimson add data tags

Data Tags

Create Folder for Groups

Right √ Folder > New > Numeric Tag

Define Source Data Tag Properties

Red Lion Crimson Data Tags

Data Source

Define Source for data from drop-down ie: GRIDlink

Pick √ Data Item and Type

DO – 0 Digital Coil  Bit as Bit
AI – 3 Analog Inputs Word as Word
FO – 4 Holding Registers Word as Real
FI – 4 Holding Registers Word as Real
LI – 3 Analog Inputs Word as LongEnter

Element: Modbus Register Number

Modbus to BACnet Registers