Crimson 3.0 – Connect to PC

by | Feb 10, 2023 | Crimson Software-Group

Crimson 3.0 for G304 & G307 HMI Protocol Converters

This procedure will show how to connect to the HMI to change network settings to operate on your Local Area Network.

IP Address for PC Connection

There are 2 ways to locate the IP Address on a GRIDview enabled HMI

Network Settings Page of HMI

Scroll to the ID page on the HMI Screens and see both MAC and IP Address.

Network Router

The MAC Address is printed on the HMI case
The Ethernet port is set for DHCP and therefore will be discoverable in the network router.

GRIDview HMIs are generally shipped with DHCP mode is selected. The target device will attempt to obtain an IP address and associated parameters from a DHCP server on the network.

If DHCP fails, an IP address will be allocated automatically using APIPA. See Crimson 3 User Manual.

Crimson Project

Open the Crimson Project to be installed

This required only when other Modbus TCP or BACnet devices are added by the user. The applicable project will be sent to you by Tech Support.

GRIDview HMI G304 Modbus Master RS485 BACnet Slave TCP

__Engineering\__GRIDview HMI - Protocol Converters\_Crimson HMI\G304 BN\

Crimson Project Download Settings

Set PC Link Options for Downloads

Crimson > Link > Options..


Set Download IP Address

Red Lion Crimson set Download IP

If using the Ethernet port to download  Crimson

Network > Download
Remote Update

IP Download: Enabled

Unit Addressing

Selection Mode: Manual
Remote Address: Enter HMI IP Address

HMI IP Address Settings

As the system is configured in one location (network)  and moved to another location (network), the Network Settings must be also changed so to operate on the new network.

This only applies if the HMI is the Ethernet target of another device ( as a slave/server) and its IP Address must remain the same. Here are the 2 ways to accomplish this:

DHCP MAC to IP Address binding

Red Lion Crimson DHCP binding

This can be done in the network router with MAC to IP Address binding, leaving the HMI as a DHCP client.

Static IP Address

Red Lion Crimson Static IP

The Static IP is set in Crimson

Network > Ethernet

Port Mode: Manual Configuration

Enter configuration data

Red Lion Crimson download

Download Crimson

Click the download icon to test the connection and load the project file in the GRIDview HMI