Crimson 3.2 – Connect to PC

by | Dec 8, 2023 | Crimson Software-Group

Crimson 3.2FlexEdge® controllers, Graphite HMIs and Edge Controllers, DA10D, DA30D, CR3000 & CR1000 HMIs.
Crimson 3.1CR3000 & CR1000 HMIs, Graphite® HMIs and Controllers, and E3 I/O™ modules.
Crimson 3.0Graphite® HMIs, G3, Graphite Controllers, Modular Controller, Data Station Plus and E3 I/O™ Modules.

Open Crimson

Click the Crimson 3.2 icon once installed.

File > Open > The file ending in .cd32 sent by Support

Refer to the Crimson 3.2 Software Guide

All configurations can be viewed in order to connect to your local device. It is not advisable to modify this configuration without the direction of Support.

IP Address for PC Connection

 Refer to document package provided.

Located the Ethernet port on the protocol converter that has a Static IP address.

Set your PC network card to an IP address with the same addressing system.

Connect with a CAT5 cable.