What is the software architecture?

by | May 17, 2018 | FAQ 113-135 Series-Group

There are 4 pieces of software running independently of each other in every GRIDlink. Each handles a different function and some monitors others for self diagnostics.

Software Architecture


4 sxClient Secure communications with GRIDview Cloud, data logging,  remote command &  control.
3 Open ADR Program Stack Certified software communicating to the VTN to obtain Event info, report meter data and feedback status V 2.0a/b
2 Control Program ISaGRAF for control logic to outputs, manages how DR Events are Executed, meter data, instant kW calculation, V 6.500.1.5 to current 6.800.3.340
1 (Hardware level) Firmware Controls I/O, communication ports (Modbus), register tags. V 4.9.121, 4.9.143 up to current 4.9.152
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