Ethernet Connection to PC

by | Nov 1, 2023 | DA Series-Group

Red Lion DA50 protocol converter

This procedure will find a DA50/70 or CR HMI Series to a GRIDlink 113/135.

Crimson 3.2 - FlexEdge® controllers, Graphite HMIs and Edge Controllers, DA10D, DA30D, CR3000 & CR1000
Crimson 3.1 - CR3000 & CR1000 HMIs, Graphite® HMIs and Controllers, and E3 I/O™ modules.
Crimson 3.0 - Graphite® HMIs, G3, Graphite Controllers, Modular Controller, Data Station Plus and E3 I/O™

File > Open (The Project Database sent by Support)

Find Device (On LAN)

Red Lion Crimson Find Devices

Connect Device to the LAN using Ethernet 1 (DHCP)

Crimson > Link > Find Device

Once found [Select]

Troubleshooting …

Peer to Peer Connection

Ethernet 2 is configured by default with a Static IP of

Change PC network adapter to

Connect peer to peer

IP Addresses may be changed prior to shipment to accommodate specific use cases. The new IP Addresses will be labeled on the device.

Configure Ethernet Ports

Red Lion Crimson 3.2 Ethernet 1

Configure Ethernet 1

Device Configuration > System Configuration > Network > Interfaces

DHCP is default but can be changed to Static IP


Red Lion Crimson 3.2 Ethernet 2

Configure Ethernet 2

Device Configuration > System Configuration

Static is default but can be changed to another IP or DHCP