It may become necessary to cycle the power to a GRIDlink to re-establish a network connection to the Utility ADR Server or GRIDview. Most common reasons are changes made to the network and the GRIDlink is unable to get an IP Address.

It is important to identify where AC power is supplied to the power supply and not touch any AC wires.

Understand the Wiring

There only 2 options to wire DC power to a GRIDlink:

Terminals 24 & 25 on the top of the GRIDlink (most likely)

Terminals 17 & 18 on the bottom.

Trace the wires back to find the Power Supply.

Locate the Power Switch

Depending on the installer, a power switch to the Power Supply may have been supplied. Cycle the power here…

If no Power Switch then

Cycle Power GRIDlink
Cycle Power GRIDlink

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Remove the Power Supply Wire

The wires leading to the fore mentioned GRIDlink terminals are DC voltage and are not dangerous.

Select the +positive wire on terminal 24 if exists otherwise terminal 17.

With a fine screw driver untighten the terminal screw (counter-clockwise) enough to remove the wire.

Remove the wire.

Continue to untighten the terminal screw (counter-clockwise) enough for a larger opening for the wire to return with full penetration.

Return the Wire 5 seconds after lights go off.

Wire should have ~ 1/4″ copper exposed. Insert into the terminal with no copper showing.

Tightly screw (clockwise).

Give a strong tug to the wire to see that it doesn’t come out.

Lights should come on if done properly.