Loading a new control program

by | Apr 4, 2020 | IPm Advanced Configuration-Group

If your GRIDlink is connected to the Internet, we can update the ISaGRAF control program using GRIDview otherwise here is the procedure to load from your PC.

See this link for instructions to connect your PC

If you haven’t done it already, down load the I/O Tool Kit software and install it on your Windows PC.

You will be sent a Toolkit project file (xxx.6PJ ) and an ISaGRAF project (appli.X6M) by email.

Save them in an accessible folder on your PC.



1) Run the I/O Tool Kit project sent to you

2) Access the following in toolkit: Configure / Configure Station/Module




3) Select “Files to Load” tab at the top of the resulting pop up window.

4) Select “Project” button

5) Select the appli.X6M file that you previously saved. Press Open / OK



6) Access the following in toolkit: Operations / Load / Load Advanced (Select Files)



7) Check only the ISaGRAF box with the directory where you placed the file. Press  Load

8) The project will automatically run. You are finished.