IPm Firmware Revision History

by | Apr 25, 2021 | Configuration Advanced IPm-Group

Note: IPm firmware versions are of the form major.minor.buildnumber. A letter X will be appended in the case of unreleased experimental versions. Other letters may be added in the case of patches or other special versions. As such, releases which are not consecutive are to be expected. Anything in between two releases was an intermediate version on the way to the next release.

IMPORTANT: Firmware versions 4.9 and later only support the following models:

  • ST-IPM-6350
  • VT-mIPM-245-D
  • VT-mIPM-135-D
  • VT-IPM2M-113-D
  • VT-IPM2M-213-D

IMPORTANT: Firmware versions 4.3.174 or 4.9.143 required on models with the new FPGA chip. IMPORTANT: To downgrade from 4.9.152 or 4.3.179 to 4.3.174 or 4.9.143 requires installing DisableAdvancedErrorCorrection.tgz. Please please contact Support before Changing RTU Firmware.


2018-02-12 New features:

15285, 15320 Error Correction

Added bit-scrubbing and multi-bit error correction to file system.

Fixed issues:

15329 DNP3 Fix float value inaccuracies in reported event data



Fixed issues:

14045, 15171, 15212, 15246,15253, 15211 HardwareFix programming of new FPGA chip on new revision of CPU.

14531 DNP3 Fix crash in DNP3 driver when the transport layer is set to serial.

14751 SNTP Disable debug logging int the Sntp.sh script.

15255 SNTP Fix memory leak in sntp script files.

15048, 15099 Serial Fix serial communications not functioning after reboot whenthe station number is set to 19.

15251 iptables Fix iptables.

14261 Redundancy Fix a case where the backup RTU would become the activecontroller after a configuration load.



Fixed issues:

11713 ISaGRAF Fix ISaGRAF not communicating over certain ports even when the configuration is correct.



Fixed issues:

13335 Ethernet Fix Ethernet time outs on units with two Ethernet ports. This was a regression caused by changes made in 12002