GRIDlinks are shipped from the factory set for DHCP and should automatically run on any network provided there is a DHCP server. These are the final steps to change to Static IP.

DNS Considerations. When the GRIDlink is changed to a static IP, it will no longer obtain DNS server addresses from the Gateway and default to


After following the Change to Static IP 113/135 Procedure in the right column and when the GRIDlink is accessible, take the following steps:

Configure Station Module

Open the Toolkit Project

Open the Toolkit Project

Select GRIDlink VEN so it is highlighted in blue in the number column.

Select Configure > Configure Station Module > Ports (tab at top)

Configure Port

Configure Port

Select Network 1/Eth0

Click Configure Selected Port

Enter Static IP Address

IP Address

Select: Manually Assign IP address

Enter: New Static IP address

Select: Advanced button

Subnet Mask and Gateway

Subnet Mask and Gateway

Check with your IT Manager*

Subnet mask – *
TCP/IP gateway(s):  IP Address *
Click Add

Gateway IP address should appear in Defined gateways box.

Click OK

Download Project

Download Toolkit

Download Toolkit project to GRIDlink

Click the Download Icon


Wait until download is complete
Wait until download is complete