Toolkit – Serial Connection

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Configuration Tools IPm-Group, Toolkit-Group

Serial Cable Assembly

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The Serial connection is generally used if a connection cannot be made by Ethernet.

From the Toolkit menu

Select Device / Select

Select the radio button “Use com port”

The only change you may need to make may be the COM number. See the drop down for all detected ports. Then click OK

Testing your PC connection.

Operations / Test I/O

 At the bottom, the TD & RD LEDs should be blinking alternately. You are now communicating with the GRIDlink.

If there is no light activity, it will time out with an error after a minute or so. 

Probable causes:

  1. The GRIDlink is still rebooting, try again.
  2. RJ45 Cable is plugged into the Ethernet port (on the right) and not the Serial port (on the left).
  3. USB converter needs software installed.