Connecting to a GRIDlink over an Ethernet network with a DHCP server, you must first determine the IP Address given.

Network Physical Connection

GRIDlink Network Conection

GRIDlink should be placed on a network with a DHCP Server so that it can obtain an temporary IP Address.

The laptop with the Toolkit installed should be on the same network as shown here.

Determine IP Address


If you are unable to determine the GRIDlink IP Address then it is recommended to connect by serial cable using the DB9-RJ45 converter provided.

See Toolkit – Serial Connection

If GRIDlink was able to obtain an IP address, it can be seen on GRIDview in the upper right as shown. In this case it is

If GRIDview is not available, the IP Address can be found in the network router DHCP Status by it’s MAC Address. This is found on the Serial plate, GRIDview Status page, Packing Slip when GRIDlink was shipped. If you need assistance, call 949 857-6600 and ask for Support.

Specify Communications IP Address

Once the IP Address has been determined, it must be specified in Toolkit.


Open Tool kit.

Select : Device > Select

Select the radio button Use Ethernet

Select the radio button Specify an IP Address

Enter the IP Address that was discovered as shown.

Click OK

Proving Connection

Test I/O

To prove a connection between Toolkit and the GRIDlink

Select: Operations > Test I/O

At the bottom of the pop-up, the TD & RD LEDs should be blinking alternately indicating communication with the GRIDlink.

If there is no activity, this will time out with an error after a minute or so.

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