This installs the Toolkit software on your PC. This should be completed in advance of modifying GRIDlink setting as it takes some time to download and install.

Download Toolkit Software

If you already have Toolkit installed, skip this step.


Sixnet Software Utilities and Drivers

Click here to download...

Follow manufacturer’s instructions for installation.

If you wish to use a Serial cable for configuring, download and install USB Driver as well.

Register the Software

If you’ve already been using a Registered copy of Toolkit, skip this step.


You should receive 2 files from tech support ending in .6PJ and .6rg

Save both in a folder you can access.

Open the file ending in .6PJ by click on it.

Once open, if you need to register

Select File > Import > Registration Info

When prompted select the .6rg file from the folder.

The Registration Confirmation will pop up.

Nothing left to do. Just close it and begin using Toolkit.