* Quick Start Guide (E Series-ADR)

by | Jun 1, 2021 | GRIDlink E CE Configuration, Quick Start Guide ADR

Getting Started

If this is your first installation is also important to contact tech support prior to arriving at the job site and schedule time for us to be available to answer any questions that may arise during installation

Network Planning

If you intend to use a corporate Local Area Network as the Internet connection, it is highly recommended that you contact the IT Manager before arriving at the job site. Make certain that the GRIDlink ADR will be able to operate as a DHCP client on the network by sending a letter explaining what is needed. See “Letter to IT Manager”.

IP Address (Static vs. DHCP)

GRIDlinks are shipped configured for DHCP. If a static IP Address is required, this is best done prior to shipment. If this is not possible, then it is recommended for the installer to make the change on a network that permits DHCP (such as the office) prior to arriving at the job site. See Instructions "Change DHCP to Static IP". Contact Customer Support for assistance.

You will need:

    • New IP address
    • Gateway IP Address
    • Subnet Mask
    • DNS Servers if not

GRIDview will make the installation easy

It is recommended to contact tech support and set up the GRIDview account. This will help with diagnosis and testing. Using the Subscriptions you can add the installer's phone number to receive alerts and test functionality before the VTN is set up. This way when the installer has successfully connected the GRIDlink, a text will be received confirming all is well. On installation day, bring a laptop and CAT5E cable to trouble shoot the network if necessary.

Router Capabilities

There are five 10/100 Ethernet ports on the E Series. Port 5 is the WAN port and should be plugged into the Local Area Network with a pathway to the Internet. It is the only device which needs an IP Address from the Local Area Network.

Because the E Series is also a DHCP Server, all other devices connected on Ports 1 through 4 operate  as a sub network. These ports are set to receive a DHCP lease starting at and ending at and can be used to connect other devices like Modbus meters, HMIs or BMS . Units on the LAN ports can be configured for MAC to IP resolution in the WEB UI.

Easy 3 Step Installation

GRIDlink E Series wiring diagram

1. Connect the Load

E / CE Series has 1 DPDT available relay output for Moderate or High Signal or you can access all DR Signal elements via Modbus TCP

2. Connect power supply


3. Connect to LAN

Connect Local Area Network to port 5 (WAN).