System Info Module

The System Information Virtual Module is used to gather detailed system information about the operation and configuration of a GRIDlink ADR and make available to the IODB  or Tag Registers.

This information can then be displayed in GRIDview, data logged or control logic can be introduced into the system for the GRIDlink to analyze itself and make corrections.

The System Information Module is configured within the Toolkit project and must be loaded through Toolkit locally. It is possible to download using GRIDview but the GRIDlink must be setup for DHCP and have a operation firmware later than VT-IPM 4.3.163  to support the process.

Once the System Information Module enabled Toolkit is loaded into the GRIDlink IPm, ISaGRAF will detect and switch DI register 1003 SysInfo_Detected to TRUE

GRIDview will reflect the System Information Module status in the Alarm Screen.  See more …