GRIDlink Recovery 113-135 Series

by | Feb 4, 2022 | Configuration Advanced IPm-Group, Software Load 113 135 - Group

This procedure is for units in the field needing recovery due to long term inactivity.

If the device is Offline with GRIDview, the sxclient must be installed locally using the Toolkit configurator.


1 – If required you will be sent the latest Toolkit version which should be installed with this procedure: Downloading a Toolkit Configuration

2 – Unless otherwise stated the Toolkit project will not have Modbus IO transfers included so if required must be added to your project prior to installation. See example: Modbus RTU Transfer of Analog Out

3 – Provide power and Internet connection to all GRIDlink to be added to you account on line, wait a few minutes to see if they are online with GRIDview.

4 – Depending on how long since your last login to GRIDview you may need to set up MFA.

GRIDview Sign Up

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5 – If you are waiting for your GRIDview account to be enabled, send the serial number(s) to your Support person to determine status. If it is offline with GRIDview Troubleshoot first.

After confirming the network is not the problem, it may be necessary to reload the GRIDview kernel. You will be sent a simple procedure in that event.