Load ISaGRAF – Toolkit

by | Apr 4, 2020 | Software Load 113 135 - Group

If your GRIDlink is connected to the Internet, we can update the ISaGRAF control program using GRIDview otherwise here is the procedure to load from your PC.

A copy of the latest ISaGRAF program should be saved in a file available to Toolkit

Run Toolkit

Run the I/O Tool Kit .6pj project sent to you

Select ISaGRAF

Select the ISaGRAF control program .X6M sent to you

Configure > Configure Station / Module / Files to Load

GRIDlink load new control program

Select “Files to Load” tab at the top of the resulting pop up window.
Select “Project” button
Select the appli.X6M file that was previously saved.
Press  OK

GRIDlink load new control program

Select the Control Program to be loaded

Operations / Load / Load Advanced (Select Files)

load new control program

Load the Control Program

Check only the ISaGRAF box with the directory where you placed the file.

Press  Load

The project will automatically run. You are finished.