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Downloading GRIDview sxclient (Re-installation)

by | Oct 2, 2017 | IPm Advanced Configuration-Group, Software Load Toolkit - Group

This procedure is for first time installation on new units

If the device is Offline, the GRIDview sxclient must be installed locally using the Toolkit configurator.
Preliminary Set Up

1 – If you do not have Toolkit installed on your PC then go to Toolkit – Installing Latest Version.

2 – You will need a serial cable Assembly.

3 – If loading just the sxclient any toolkit control project (.6pj) will suffice as long as the project used (if different) is not downloaded over the existing configration (as described in step 6).

4 – You should also receieve 2 .tgz files:

a. openssl-ppc-1.x.xx.tgz

b. or sxclient-gridview-2.7.0-11-powerpc

Place both into an easy to access folder.

5 – Click on the .6pj  file to open it.

DL kern
Download Toolkit Configuration

6 – Only If requested by tech support, down load the toolkit project, otherwise skip this step.


Download SSL and GRIDview Kernel

7 – Highlight the device.

8 – Select the Configuration Tool.

9 – Select User Software

10 – Delete any files which currently exist then Select Add a File

11 – Select Install a Tar File


DL kern2

12 – In the dropdown change the Files Type to “Zipped Tar Files (*.tgz)

The “openssl-ppc-1.x.xx.tgz”  will appear, Select Open.

It is important that the SSL file be loaded before and separately from “”

DL kern2

13 – Select Operations

14 – Load

15 – Load Software

16 – The selected software will load – observe

17 – A successful competion will be indicated by “Load Complete”

Repeate the process from steps 7 through 17 to load “” .

Remember to delete “openssl-ppc-1.x.xx.tgz” in Step 10 before loading “sxclient-gridview-2.x.x-powerpc.tgz”