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Toolkit – Ethernet Connection

by | Apr 25, 2017 | IPm General Configuration-Group


If your local network requires a static IP address, then you will need to set up your PC Network card to the same IP addressing system to connect peer to peer.

The GRIDlink is normally shipped with the Ethernet port configured for DHCP. If this is so, you should determine the IP address assigned by your router by using the auto connect tool shown to the left.

Select: Operations / Auto Detect EtherTRAK Stations…



  1. If you are unable to determine the GRIDlink IP Address then it is recommended to connect by serial cable.Once communications is established through the serial port you can find the IP address:Operations/Advanced Operations/Show DHCP StatusThe IP Address will be displayed in the pop up as shown.

Next Select : Device / Select…

Select the radio button “Use Ethernet”

Enter the IP Address that was discovered as shown.

Click OK

Test I/O

Demonstrating a connection between Toolkit and the GRIDlink

Select: Operations / Test I/O

At the bottom of the pop-up, the TD & RD LEDs should be blinking alternately indicating communication with the GRIDlink.

If there is no activity, this will time out with an error after a minute or so.

Go to trouble shooting PC Connection.